Our Guarantee

With decades of combined experience in home improvements, we pride ourselves on doing whatever it takes to provide our clients with a flawless finished product that will last for generations. Our guarantee is to give each project the same level of care and perfection we would take on our own project. Quality craftsmanship and outstanding customer service is guaranteed! 

Kitchen Remodeling

In any home, the kitchen is where meals are prepared and the family can gather around to share memories that will last a lifetime. For many families, maximizing the kitchen space and functionality can greatly improve the time it takes to prepare meals and clean up.

With completely new custom cabinets in your kitchen storage space problems will become of problem of the past. JS2 Construction specializes in kitchen upgrades that will not only add value to your home but also an increased aesthetic that family and guests alike will enjoy.


The image to the right is a total kitchen remodel & construction of new room addition to home, new roof, windows new layout with large island with Tech Lighting and high end designer appliances
along side German built cabinets.

KITCHEN REMODELS… Having been in the home remodeling business for many years and receiving hands-on experience in virtually every variation of a kitchen renovation, JS Construction 2 will have solutions to help bring your vision to life. Providing quality kitchen remodels with acute attention to detail is the reputation that we have acquired during this time. From beautiful and elegant kitchen islands to hand-crafted cabinetry and countertops, we can give your kitchen a complete makeover and elevate the flow of your home.

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