Our Guarantee

With decades of combined experience in home improvement, we pride ourselves in doing whatever it takes to provide you with a flawless finished product that will last for generations. Our guarantee is to give each project the same level of care and perfection that we would give to a project of our very own. Quality craftsmanship and outstanding customer service is guaranteed!

Interior & Exterior Painting

A freshly painted home is among the most affordable ways to improve both the look and feel of your Florida home. Specializing in interior & exterior painting, we can upgrade the curb appeal and interior aesthetic of your home with warm or cool colors and beautiful accent walls that are sure to capture attention from guests.

It is important to hire a professional painting contractor to ensure not only a high quality paint application, but also to ensure that items in your home such as carpet, flooring and furniture are not damaged by paint due to carelessness. 

PAINTING… Typically speaking, when repainting the exterior of your home we begin by power washing or scraping away old, chipped paint prior to applying a new coat to avoid an unpreferred finished product. In some cases we may even sand down the old coat dependent on how damaged the current paint coat is. JS Construction 2 only provides top-quality painting services so we are confident that the investment you put into repainting your home will be well spent. Contact JS Construction 2 today for a free consultation.

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